His Words

Coming down to earth at the holidays

Advent is the shortened form of the Latin word adventus. It means “coming.” What a perfect name for this season. Everything is coming at us during the holidays. Colder weather comes, usually. Calendar craziness always comes—on consecutive nights it’s possible to have a play, a party, a performance, a pageant, then another party. Each weekend brings the arrival of better doorbuster sales and bigger blockbuster movies. That end-of-the-year letter from your…

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Her Words

Why it’s okay to cry into your eggnog

December 2, 2015  My inner Scrooge had just poured a scotch and pushed “Play” on all the reasons to feel glum. But leave it to a selfless foster mom, some prayer requests for cancer-riddled friends, and Sarah McLachlan crooning over one-eyed homeless dogs, to put the ultimate buzz kill on my “me”-soaked drunk.