Her Words

How to enjoy the beach 35 years of cellulite later

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a middle-aged woman like these two words: Swimsuit Season! So tell me: Would you rather have your 20 year-old body,  or the current broken down version you drag out of bed each morning? What fool wouldn’t choose the younger, more energetic model? Until my recent trip to the beach, I would have knocked…

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His Words

Why the world needs more cookies

She was worked up. She’d called our cellphones during the night at least eight or nine times. How is it that a frail, 88 year-old woman is able to pace anxiously about her room without ever leaving her chair? Yet there she was, and that’s what she was doing. She was jittery. Antsy. Nervously picking at everything within arm’s reach. “What’s wrong, Mom?”…

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